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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sad kind of day

Rosie wrote a post that brought tears to my eyes. Its' title is waffle house.

I haven't been checking her blog daily. Funny, once she shut off her comments I distanced myself from her blog. It's sad that she couldn't just delete the negative comments and keep the positive ones. Maybe she wanted to protect herself from reading anything negative.....it just saddens me that she didn't take to heart all of the positive and encouraging posts. It also saddened me when I'd read the comments attacking her simply because she is a gay celebrity. Why are there those ass hats that feel it is necessary to destroy anything, everything and everyone in their path? It amazed me the way some losers went off on how she posted, her spelling, her format, etc......get a life losers! It's HER blog!! It's just sad.

Rosie causes me to feel sad. There is so much sadness in her eyes. It's sad that her blog url is onceadored....it sounds like she now considers herself un-adored. I just want to give her a hug. Not that it will cause her sadness to go away....I just want to soak up some of her sadness so she doesn't feel like she's bearing it alone.

Whenever I cross paths with a person who wears sadness like a shawl, I don't want to fix them, I want to share their sadness. It's important to me that they know they are not alone in their sadness. When they are in the depths of sadness I want to climb down into the depths with them so maybe the darkness isn't so dark and scary anymore. Just to hold their hand. Speech isn't necessary. My presence is my present to them. You are not alone.

I'm having a sad kind of day. I first felt sad when I found out the Pope had died. No, I'm not Catholic. I posted about it on my other blog. I, also, found out that an elderly lady that meant a lot to a friend of mine died yesterday. That made me sad for him.

Yep, it's a sad kind of day.