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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Kissing 101

What's the difference between a boy and a man? It's really very simple. It has nothing to do with age, facial hair (or any other hair, for that matter), hard-ons, having had sex (dogs have sex, doesn't make them men!).....it's all in their kiss.

Boys kiss and swiftly move on to the good stuff. Men know that kissing IS the good stuff. When a man knows how to kiss a woman what follows isn't good....it's fantastic!

Molly is asked out and accepts the invitation. She's not really "into" the guy, but Sam seems nice and she didn't have any other plans for the evening anyway. Their evening goes well, no awkward pauses, he doesn't talk with his mouth full, he's interested in what she's saying, he's a gentleman only touching her when it's appropriate and when he does touch her it's gentle and respectful. As they say good night Sam very softly kisses Molly's cheek. That ends their evening....or....maybe not. The soft kiss to her cheek has lit a flame in the depths of Molly's desire. She wants more than just a kiss on the cheek. She looks into Sam's eyes and moves in for a real kiss. He grabs her and smashes her lips into her teeth....now, that would definitely end the evening. Instead of being a boy, Sam shows Molly that he is all man. Instead of grabbing and smashing, he takes his time meeting her lips with his own.

Tenderly he caresses her lips with his own. He keeps his lips supple, molding them to the softness of her lips. He pulls away, looks into her eyes, seeing her desire for more, he parts his lips and lightly moistens them with the tip of his tongue. This time when he captures her lips he applies just a tad more pressure. He feels her lips part against his. Parting his lips he grazes her bottom lip with the tip of his tongue. Molly sensuously grabs his tongue with her lips. She begins sucking on his tongue.....it's clear where this night will end.

Kissing is mouth sex....the real oral sex. The way I'm kissed tells me if I want to even consider going further. It's not just men that struggle with kissing skills. I've had a woman kiss me and it made me wanna puke. She will go down in history as the "fish kisser." Her pucker was the same as a goldfish's. There were no long slow kisses with her....just numerous hard pecks. EW!! Seriously, EWWWW!

I've kissed men and women....before realizing that I'm gay I was under the false impression that I was bi. Women always had men beat in the kissing department. I had to teach men how to kiss and the value of being an incredible kisser. My ex's kiss was like having my face eaten....his mouth was spread open as wide as he could get it, his teeth would dig into my cheek! I shoved him away from me and began his first lesson in how to kiss without drawing blood. He had a lot to learn and I was bored enough to take the time to teach him.

If men would learn to kiss a woman in the same ways they liked having their dicks sucked.....there would be millions of very happy & horny women in the world! Men love the soft licks and sucks. A little teeth is ok with some and not with others....no one that I've been with wanted to be bit or have teeth raked roughly along the shaft of their dicks. It's all about the tongue manipulations and the sucking. That's pretty close to how women want to be kissed. At least, it's how I want to be kissed!

Fresh breath and brushed teeth are the foundation of a fabulous kiss. They aren't all that's needed to make me melt. Don't attack my face...ease your way to my lips. Breathe warmly in my ear, don't ruin it by saying anything or blowing....just exhale. Then with agonizing slowness make your way across my cheek, softly kissing as you go (dry kisses, don't make me long for a towel to wipe my face off with). Start kissing my lips as you reach the corner of my mouth, be conscious of my breathing, if I'm breathing through my mouth give me time to adjust to breathing through my nose. Let me make the next move....when I'm ready I'll move fully into your mouth.